Hey bud! What’s your plan this weekend? Going to explore a new restaurant? Well, go ahead and have a guilt-free weekend. You don’t need to deprive yourself of the yummy food you love, but need to know what you should order and how much to keep calories at bay.

It’s not practical to eat ‘Only’ home cooked food all the time. I would prefer that you eat and enjoy home cooked food every time you eat. But, that is unrealistic. I don’t want you to deprive yourself of the foods you love because satisfaction is the key to successful weight loss.

The good news is: It’s possible to eat out and still lose weight if you know how and what to order. So this time I will show you ‘How to choose healthy food from the restaurant menu’. Isn’t it exciting? I can already see happiness on your face!

‘Empty calories’ means foods which don’t have any nutritional benefit. In other words, empty calories are not ‘Good’ calories because they do not come from vitamins, minerals, calcium, fiber etc. Instead, most will come from sugar, maida and butter, stuff like cakes, colas and crisps.

1. Choose appetizers that contain vegetables, fruits, meat or fish.

2. Order veg. soup without cream or butter.

3. Ask for whole-wheat options wherever possible. Avoid maida.

4. Skip bread, naan, and tandoori roti.

5. If you don’t want to skip the bread course, ask for whole-grain bread or whole-wheat roti or paratha. Then stick to one piece, preferably unbuttered.

6. Request oil-free or butter-free options.

7. Ask them not to add any extra butter, cream, cheese or oil.

8. Have buttermilk, coconut water or limewater as a beverage, avoid soft drinks.

9. Pick boiled or grilled varieties. Avoid fried food.

10. Skip dessert

– Chew More
The most common refrain is ‘Jaldi karo… why are you taking so long to eat?’ In fact, correct chewing is the first mantra of healthy eating. Incomplete chewing ruins the digestion process and leads to irritable bowel syndrome. Another benefit to chewing more is that you get more enjoyment from the food, which can help you eat less.

– Never arrive at a restaurant hungry.
Hungry people make bad ordering decisions. Eat an apple before you go out to eat. It will help control your hunger.

– Taste, not Hog.
Eating a little of the food you really love keeps you away from feeling deprived and makes you a happier person.

– Do not eat anything on your plate that you do not like.
You do not have to clean your plate and stuff everything in your stomach!

– Quantity Matters
The sheer variety of foods available at buffets is also daunting. When we are given more choices; we tend to eat more without realizing it.

Ask them not to add any extra butter or ask for preparing it in less oil/butter
– Only bhaji/ bhaji with whole-wheat bread
– Punjabi veg. sabji
– Palak paneer sabji
– Mexican wraps with paneer and sprouts
– Dosa (dry)
– Salads and soups
– Veg. Sandwich
– Grilled Vegetables
– Cheese cube, curd or buttermilk
– Fruit yogurt or vegitable raita
– Vegitable salad with paneer and yummy dressing
– Paneer wraps
– Veg/paneer Frankie

Note: Eat at least 3-4 hours before going to bed. If possible, go for 30 mins walking after eating out.

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