Get a lean and athletic body FAST?

Whats up guys,

It’s your boy Jonny and today I show you the best 4 exercises to do if you’re a beginner. This video will show you exactly the how each exercise is done and get you a tight flat stomach you can be proud of.

Workout demonstrations:

**Do 4 set of 15 reps for each exercises.

0:38 Basic Crunch: Make sure you look up at the ceiling and focus and squeezing your abs.

0:47 Toe touches: Squeeze and contract the side of your abs to build a flatter stomach.

0:57 Planks: Use was watch to count the time and make sure you do not stick your butt up.

1:11 Side crunches: Avoid using your hands to pull yourself up. Look up at the ceiling and squeeze hard on each side.

I hope this really helps you.

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