Rapid Fat-Loss Tips: How to Measure Body Parts

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Fort Worth personal trainer Dave Fannin demonstrates how to measure your body parts as part of a fat loss and toning program.
Tracking your progress in your weight(fat) loss program is essential to your success.

Denial and vague ideas are of no use in the process of achieving results.

You need to know exactly where you are when you begin. Then you need to set deadlines to measure again. This is how you measure progress.

With clients I always get weight, Bodyfat percentage with calipers(the most important number of all), circumference measurements(like in the video) and photogaraphs.

At home you can do all of these easily. But you’ll need to buy some plastic Bodyfat calipers(search online) for an accurate measurement of bodyfat levels.

What you do need to remember is as you dial in your eating and kick in the exercise you’re going to lose inches. And the best way to track this is with a cloth or plastic tape measure.

Take a piece of paper to record your measurements and put your starting date. Count out 4 weeks from today and that’s when you’ll measure again. Step on the scale and get your starting weight to go with these numbers.

The key point to remember is consistency.

1. Get someone to help you. It’s a lot easier.

2. Always measure the same side. If you start on the right. next month measure the right side.

3. Wear the same clothes for consistent numbers

4. Measure “cold”. Don’t measure immediately after you’ve worked out.

5. Set your deadlines to when you’re going to measure again. And force yourself to stick to those deadlines.

Get these numbers down and get to work.

I guarantee you’ll see smaller numbers next month.


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