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Home workouts using nothing but your bodyweight have become Incredibly popular.

We surveyed our 30,000+ Facebook fans and asked them if we created a workout program what they would like and the outright winner was Insane fat burning home workouts using nothing but your bodyweight

Well they asked and we delivered as last week on the 18th Dec 2014 we launch our Zeus Xpress home workout dvd .

20-30 Minute Real-time Total body high intensity workouts that use nothing but your bodyweight
Minimal time , maximum fat burn

No Gym! No Equipment! NO EXCUSE!

Check it out for yourself

We have been live a week now and the reviews have already been flying in and everyone
is LOVING it and feeling the burn

So if you like bodyweight only home exercises and workouts just like in todays video then its
not to be missed


Who says you need a gym or equipment to do a killer workout.