A well-balanced diet balanced with specific foods can help you lose weight and unwanted fat in as fast as one day. It is important to eat foods proven to boost leptin-production and speed up metabolism.

In addition to leptin-boosting foods in a one day fat loss meal plan, it is important to add a high-quality protein supplement. Many people have successfully lost fat in as little as one day by simply substituting protein-rich smoothies for breakfast and lunch. Making this switch forces your body to burn fat for energy and maximizes production of leptin, the body’s number one fat burning hormone.

While speeding up leptin production, the one day fat loss meal plan also uses your body fat as a primary source of energy, this is the key to losing weight fast.

One Day Fat Loss Meal Plans provide a different weight loss approach than other, traditional weight loss methods. Among the most significant differences, One Day Fat Loss Meals recommend participating in periods of fasting as a way to speed up leptin production and metabolism; include one ingredient foods that are quick to make and easy to digest; include a healthy dinner each night with lean protein, complex carbohydrates and fresh fruit and vegetables. These strategies keep metabolism high and encourage leptin production, resulting in one day fat loss.