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It’s Lindsey and Mike with insanehomefatloss, and today I’m going tell you the truth about cheat meals. In this video you’ll learn how you can use cheat foods to your advantage and help you get the lean stomach you’ve always wanted.

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So are cheat meals actually good for you? Yes, in fact cheat meals can prevent you from going crazy form repetitive eating of the same foods.

Also with strict dieting and food limitations, your body becomes depleted from many useful nutrient you can’t get form diet foods. This is where cheat meals actually benefits you. During extended diets, your body starts to believe it’s starving and stops you from releasing body fat for survival purposes. But if you give your body cheat meals periodically, this will trick the body to no longer stay in starvation mode and begin to release fat again.

Remember, I said cheat meals, not a cheat day or cheat week. If that happens, you’ve gone too far. 🙁

Action Plan: With your strict diet, I want you to schedule a regular cheat meals once a week. To help your body reset in to fat burning mode. And make sure you workout too!

I hope this bit of information helps you.

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