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My number 1 holiday fat loss tip for staying lean this holiday season is to stick to your diet and exercise program. Don’t purposely give up and eat like a pig 7 days a week just because it’s the holidays.

For example, when halloween rolls around that’s 1 day when you should have some candy in the house to give out to Trick Or Treaters. It doesn’t mean that you stock up 3 weeks in advance and have a daily sample of all the different treats you’ve got.

The same thing with Thanks Giving and Christmas. Those are days when we get together with family and friends to celebrate and indulge in a good home cooked meal along with some tasty home made desserts. It doesn’t mean that you have to purposely pig out on sweets and desserts everyday for the weeks leading up to these holidays.

My 2nd Holiday fat loss tip is to keep your home base clean. If you don’t keep junk food in your house, then you can’t eat it, simple as that. The idea of keeping a steady supply of cake, cookies, chips, etc. in the cupboards at all times just in case someone comes by for a visit is pure stupidity.

If you have junk food in your house, you are going to eventually eat it. But by keeping only healthy foods such as lean protein, green veggies, and healthy complex carbs in your home then you remove the temptations to cheat. Sure you can go and buy some tasty treats for that 1 day where you have a preplanned holiday meal, but once that special day is over, get rid of the junk food. And get right back on your clean healthy eating plan.

My 3rd Holiday Fat Loss Tip is to up your cardio. Now you should be doing cardio year round anyway as part of your overall bodybuilding and fitness routine. But when you know you are going to pig out on a certain day. Up your cardio for several days before as well as several days after that big meal.

My 4th Holiday Fat Loss Tip. Do a heavy leg or back workout before your big meal. Training the big muscles of the legs and back will burn the most calories. Then when you eat a cheat meal afterwards those calories are more likely to go towards recovery and muscle growth, rather then getting stored as bodyfat.

My 5th Holiday Fat Loss Tip. Cycle your calories around your cheat meals. If you know that you’re going to indulge in some high calorie goodies on a particular day. Purposely follow a low carb diet for several days leading up to your big cheat meal. This will deplete your glycogen stores, help your body burn stored bodyfat, and then when you do eat that high calorie, high carb meal those extra calories will be more likely get shuttled towards replenishing your glycogen levels, rather then getting stored as
unwanted bodyfat.