How To Lose Stubborn Lower Belly Abdominal Fat


** How To Lose Stubborn Lower Belly Abdominal Fat

Excess lower ab fat is one of the most frustrating parts of most fat loss programs. Most people can get relatively lean throughout their entire body without too much of an issue, but always seem to have that little bit of extra lower stomach fat hanging around no matter what they do. If you’re feeling confused about how to lose stubborn lower belly abdominal fat, you’re definitely not alone.

But what’s the answer here? What exactly do you need to do to flatten your stomach and lower abs effectively? Well, it might seem overly basic, but the simple answer is that the ONLY way to burn lower belly fat is to continue losing fat from your entire body as a whole.

Due to evolutionary reasons, lower ab fat is simply the last bit of fat that is burned from the body, and the only way to get rid of it is to lower your overall body fat percentage further through proper training and diet.

There’s really no way to specifically target that fat over any other area, since spot reduction is impossible. In other words, lower belly exercises really just train the abdominal muscles underneath, but they have no effect on the fat stores in and around that area.

So again, if you want to reduce lower belly fat, just keep going with your fat loss program. If your overall weight loss has stalled, reduce your calorie intake slightly or add in some more cardio.

Just because you have some extra fat in that area doesn’t mean you’re doing something wrong; it just means that you aren’t quite lean enough as a whole yet.

A bit of direct abdominal training is fine, but the only way to reliably flatten those lower abs is by continuing to stick to your nutrition plan, keep up with your weight training workouts and implement your cardio throughout the week.

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