Fruit And Fat Loss | Can Eating Fruit Make You Fat?

Fruit Making You Fat?

Fruit and fat loss…Can eating fruit make you fat? When it comes to fruit and fat loss in your diet, there really is two sides of the coin that need to be addressed! It would be foolish to say that you can eat as much fruit as you want when trying to lose fat, but it would also be just as foolish to say that you should avoid fruit on your fat shredder diet since fruit has a bunch of sugar…I prefer the happy medium where fruit is a great thing to include in your diet, but depending on your goals, fruit might not be helping your get the results you were looking for.

Fruit And Fat Loss – What Fruit IS!

When it comes down to it, fruits are full of sugar and the body metabolizes fruit sugar exactly the same way it would metabolize the sugars in a Snickers Bar. Now I am not saying that you now have free reign to trade fruits for candy bars

Fruit And Fat Loss – On Fat Shredder

Fruit and Fat Shredder

I get asked a lot how much sugar you should have in your Fat Shredder diet. I don’t know that there’s a specific number to shoot for but in my experience less is better. I would always encourage you to make sure your sugar is only coming from natural sources (fruit, veggies, dairy, etc.). Cut out any added sugar. For most people that lets them get down to around 50 g of sugar a day. Beyond that just watch your fiber. If you’re getting 30+ grams of fiber a day you won’t have space for adding a bunch of excess sugar (often from processed foods that are low in fiber).

While I was on Fat Shredder at 1900 calories, I was able to fit in usually just one piece of fruit a day. Many times it was either an apple or a banana in my shakeology. It still comes back to what fits in your daily macros and what your current goals are. If you are bulking at a surplus and with 50% of your calories coming from carbs then you can fit and lots of fruit and hit your fiber targets! But for fat loss and Fat Shredder there just isn’t that much room for that much fruit.

Fruit And Fat Loss Balance

I probably say this all the time but you still have to track everything that goes down the hatch. If you are doing 1900 calories and Fat Shredder, then a bunch of servings of fruit is not going to help you reach that goal. It’s not that fruits are “bad,” they just dont line up with your current goals. If you are tracking with MyFitnessPal you’ll have no problem staying on top of your carbs from fruit. Make everything you eat fit your goals (and that includes “good” and “healthy” food like fruit… just because it’s good for you doesn’t mean it will help you reach your goals). This video will show you how to track your food intake with MyFitnessPal:

Fruit Making You Fat?

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