In this boot camp fx workout video with Curtis Ludlow you’ll see Curtis’s REALLY little brother, “Cyrus” performing a dumbbell workout inside of a headphones case. Little cyrus demonstrates how to burn fat and build muscle while being carried by Curtis in a moving car. So if you’re ever shrunk down to Rick Moranis’s size AND you want to burn off some fat. Try this workout.

Good luck 😉

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In this video you’ll see an upper body muscle building dubstep fat loss workout.

This workout consists of four exercises all performed back to back.
The first exercise is the plyometric push up. This is immediately followed by regular push ups, dumbbell lateral raises and dumbbell presses. Perform four repetitions of each exercise as fast as possible while maintaining good form.

Perform all of the repetitions in less than one minute. The amount of time remaining after the completion of your repetitions is your rest time. Perform 4-12 sets.

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