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Hey Guys!

Welcome back to Insane Home Fat Loss! In today’s episode Sanela is going to show to a killer at home exercise that anyone can do. This routine is going to firm and tone your back, arms, shoulders, core, and glutes! Lets get started…

The routine consists of three exercises…

– One Arm Rows — Its best if you have just a light weight dumbbell for this exercise. Remember, slow and controlled motions and flex your lats and traps at the peak of each exercise.

– Bent Over Lateral extensions — With one light weight dumbbell in each hand bend at the waist a bit and extend your arms laterally until they are even with your shoulders. Its okay to keep a slight bend in your arm at the elbow if you need to.

– Dumbbell Leg Curls — Place a dumbbell on the back of the knee and grasp it between your hamstring and your calf. From all fours curl your leg up flexing your glute at the peak of the exercise.

Three rounds total guys! Give it a try! I know you’ll love the results it gives you fast!

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