If you’re still struggling to lose weight and you’re sick and tired of jumping from one fat loss diet to the next without ever seeing real results the you absolutely going to love what you’re about to see. In just twenty one short days, the three-week diet accomplishes what most diets take four to five months to do. I’m talking about losing ten to fifteen even twenty pounds or more of stubborn body fat from areas like your hips, thighs, belly and backside.

Dropping two to three dress sizes, trimming four more inches from your waistline and looking thinner and sexier than you have a new in years, and this is not another one of those diets that work for some but not for others. Not only does the three week diet work; it works fast and it works every-time without fail. If you’d like to learn more about this life-changing rapid weight loss system, visit today you’ll be glad you did.

The 3-Week Diet is comprised of three phases. The program will begin with a liquid diet for the first seven days (Phase #1), which will induce very rapid weight
loss…usually in the neighborhood of 7-10 pounds (or more).

The primary meal during Phase #1 will consist of the 3-Week Diet Power Shake. This is a whey protein based shake combined with strategic supplementation for ultra-fast fat loss. Again, once you finish Week #1, you will feel like you can accomplish anything!

In Phase #2, we replace one of our Power Shakes with a Solid Food Meal from an acceptable food list.

During Phase #3, the final phase of the 3-Week Diet, you will replace a second Power Shake with another Solid Food Meal with foods from an acceptable food list.…

Going on a fat loss diet can be very stressful if you do not do it right. Those who failed to have their dietary programs work have slipped in between and gave up on continuing. In order for a balanced fat loss diet to be successful, persistence and the motivation to never give up are some of the important keys. Other things include habit breaking, change of physical activity, and so on.

Breaking the habit is sometimes very tough for people who find it difficult to change their lifestyle. New habits will be imported into your daily routine while the bad ones are gradually removed. Some of the habits you need to change are the kind of food you eat and number of exercise your body engage in. To import the new habits slowly substitute the old ones with the new that you have planned and follow through it. Most of those who have failed think that these changes are permanent when they are supposed to be temporary. Think of it as a temporary change and after the diet plan you can go back to the usual habit that you had. This will enforce your mind to practice the new habits every day.

Next is the number of body activity you do each day. When you are awake the body burns calories 3 times more than when you are asleep. The perfect amount of time for the body to rest or sleep is a maximum of 8 hours. The rest of the hours are used to engaging your body in physical activity. It does not necessarily mean that you need to visit a gym for an exercise routine or do heavy jobs in order to burn more calories. Doing something, whether small or big is considered as a physical activity. This kind of exercise is something that most people do with having to engage in actual workouts. The difference of calories burned depends on the type of physical activity you are doing such as construction work. The body is required to move a lot so this means the calories burned is greater. Compared to desk work were you only sit and do the things you are required to do. In order to burn more calories, you can always do extra physical activities such as tapping your foot, stretching or walking around when needed.

The most popular reason why fat loss diets fail on achieving their goal is they expect the results to come out fast. This is why when they did not see the results they want in a few days, they give up easily. It is best to look at the smaller changes each day as they can lead to goal you want to achieve.

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