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This is a 10 Minute version of the wildly popular Under 20 Home Workout. It is a high intensity interval training HIIT workout no weights, no gym, just you. Rated best morning workout 2014 by fitness insider. Get in shape now with best workout in just 20 minutes.

Justin has been called the king or the 20 minute workout. All the latest research agrees that 20 minutes is the best amount of time to workout to get great results.

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This is a teaser of the real at home workout. Get Healthy Now!

This is the best 20 minute, no weights, home workout on the market. Train at top speed. Lose weight, tone muscle. sixpack, have a blast doing it. Train like professional athletes using the BATS Principle.

The under 20 workout was born out of a profound personal loss. After losing his father to heart disease Justin O’Connor realized that his personal battles with high blood pressure, high cholesterol were a serious matter (despite having an impressive athletic background- including: playing hockey for the Detroit Jr Red Wings and having played 2 NCAA division sports, hockey and baseball.) Justin was determined to find a healthy, sustainable workout to help combat these issues that are now an epidemic in the US.

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I based the 20 Minute workout on this observation- to create results similar to sprinters, boxers, gymnasts and wide receivers. The results have been almost immediate and long lasting.

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