Best Fat Loss Tips For Muscle Definition: Fat Loss To Get Defined Muscles Fast

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If you want fat loss to get defined muscles fast, check out Shaun Hadsall’s scientifically proven macro-patterning method that lets you eat LOTS of carbs and NEVER store them as fat – while you experience the anabolic benefits of carbohydrates to help shed fat, build muscle and increase insulin sensitivity. This is great diet if you’re looking for fat loss and more muscle definition and have a tight deadline and have been interested in carb cycling as a dietary method for fat loss and getting defined muscles fast.

@0:49 – What was your fat loss diet like when you started preparing for the WBFF fitness competition?

@2:49 – Hi Vince DelMonte, my question is about post workout protein consumption. I have my shake when I finish training, but I recently read an article by Joel Marion that said that whey isolate can cause just as big of an insulin response as white bread. If my goal is weight loss, then should I stop drinking my workout workout shake and stick to whole foods?

@4:32 – Hey Vince Del Monte, cardio and how many calories you need to stay lean for summer. I’m doing cardio three days a week and carb cycling but do not want to lose more weight. I leave the cardio or increase my calories.

@5:52 – Hey Vince. Is there any tips or pointers for tonning and cutting muscle? I’m 19 years old weighing at 113KG and I’m planning to start muscle toning and cutting phase next week. It’ll be great if you can give me some pointers. I’m sure most guys out there are clueless on how to start toning and cutting muscle phase. Example me.

If you are interested in muscle building workout programs and exercise description, stay tuned for future episodes.

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Vince Del Monte
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