A video I put together to give my viewers and anyone looking for some motivation to find. I have done this 100% natural and even though I have not reached my target goal, I know I will, it is just a matter of maintaining my new lifestyle.

I hope anyone watching this that needs inspiration finds it. I am in no way a personal trainer or fitness expert, but I have done lots of research and know were to start, that being said, I offer to anyone that wants it my advice, for free. Just message me here or on Facebook and I will do my best to point you in the right direction.

I know what it is like to not have anywhere to turn, and not know how you can ever escape the prison of your own body. I understand.

I want to thank m family, friends, and even complete strangers that have been rooting me on, you mean more than you will ever know.

And a very special thanks to my father, I can never put into words how thankful I am that I was raised by him and my mother.

Now I know there are a million weight loss programs out there and I do not recommend any one in particular. Weight loss is about a balanced diet that works best with your health goals. No part of this video should be taken as directions or suggestions. This is how I lost weight, but results will vary for everyone. Again, I did lose weight quick, but it was with supervision of doctors and other professionals. I advise the same with this ambitious of a goal.

Please be sure to share in Weight Loss blogs, your Facebook accounts, where ever you feel someone may see it and be inspired to get healthy.

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