My life is not focused on the results.. Although I want the results I know that doing the small things will ultimately get me to my destination.. So many give up because of what the scale say after 1-2 week.. Well let me tell you this I have shed over 240lbs and that scale didn’t move for weeks at a time but when it did it moved a lot and if I would’ve gave up after the scale not moving or not going down a pants size.. You would not be reading this right now, I wouldn’t have been successful.. So stop trying to control everything and focus on being healthy and move your body.. Consistency is key and before you know it you will have arrived at your destination., no need to be stressed out and in turmoil during this process we must live & be happy throughout it all.. I learned the hard way and beat myself up for the first 1.5 year heck I was so hard on myself I thought at one point I was gonna need a pychatrist.., let go, live an make those realistic goals and stick to them..

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