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It’s Lindsey and Mike with insanehomefatloss, and today we’re going to show you the 20 best total body fat burning exercises. In this video, we’ll demonstrate what these exercises are and how to perform them so you can finally get a lean body and flat stomach.

Video breakdown: These exercise are not only great for burning fat but they are awesome for building muscle tone. Here are the exercise to shape the entire body.

20 best fat burning exercises:

0:01 Push ups
0:09 Close push ups
0:18 Floor dumbbell chest press
0:27 Concentration curls
0:39 Dumbbell curls
0:51 Triceps extensions
0:58 Kickbacks
1:08 Dips
1:17 Shoulder press
1:27 Lateral Raises
1:37 Front raises
1:44 Squat / jumping squats
1:53 Jumping lunges / lunges
2:00 One leg toe touch
2:09 Romanian Deadlifts
2:18 Calf raises One / one leg calf raises
2:28 Seated calf raises
2:37 Jack knives
2:51 Bicycles
3:02 Knee to elbow planks

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In order to have a tone and flat stomach, you have to get rid of your belly fat first. In this video I show you the one “shortcut” I personally used to burn off my stubborn belly fat and finally get the flat stomach I’ve always wanted.

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